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5x7 Photo Box & Crystal USB

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This beautifully crafted crystal glass USB is one of the most elegant ways to secure your digital images. The cap and body of the drive come in your choice of matching gold, silver, rose gold, black or white colors. Complete this look by fitting it inside a hand-wrapped linen box!

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Featuring a two-compartment layout, our 5 x 7 Walnut Photo USB Box holds a single USB drive on one side, and up to 140 5 x 7 prints on the other. The box is made from 100% solid American Black Walnut. Each surface is sanded smooth to the touch and completed with two coats of clear finishing spray.

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Our 5 x 7 Maple Photo USB Box is crafted from 100% white hardwood maple. It holds a matching USB drive on one side, while fitting up to 140 5 x 7 prints on the other. The box surface is sanded smooth to the touch, and completed with two clear coats of finishing spray. Given that the box is constructed from maple, it is denser and sturdier than other alternatives, such as pine wood.

5x7 Linen Photo Box With Crystal USB

Wrapped in a finely-threaded charcoal linen fabric, this photo box has an internal depth of around 28mm. It can hold up to 100 – 120 prints, along with a glass USBs of your choice, which is fitted with a precisely cut-out slot. The entire box lid is secured with two hidden magnets below the flap.

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Crystal USB In A Presentation Box

Our crystal USB and the linen box set is the perfect presentation of your digital files. Wrapped in a finely-threaded linen fabric, the box is kept closed with a magnetic lid. It holds a single crystal USB and is held securely with a precisely fitted slot.

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5x7 Crafted Photo Display Boxes

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Crafted from glass and copper, this heirloom photo box is a beautiful way to display your prints. It is available in both gold and rose gold finish. 

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Inspired by our Walnut USB Photo Box, we brought the rich darkness of black walnut to the photo box collection as well. Our walnut photo box is sanded smooth on each side and finished off with a clear coat for quality and durability. It can fit 100 or so of your most beautiful prints.

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For those who are looking for a high-end wood photo box to replace those cheap pine ones, this is the item for you! Using the much denser and pricier maple, we crafted this box using one of the best woods out there. After carefully fitting its construction, each outer surface is sanded well to a smooth 220 grit, and finish coated for extra durability and quality of finish.

Wood, Leather, Or Glass Folio Box 8x10

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Our 8 x 10 Walnut Folio Box is made from 100% solid black walnut wood. Carefully crafted, it does not contain any veneers or composite boards like other similar products on the market. Given the authenticity of the raw material, each box is slightly different depending on the slab and might contain imperfections from nature.

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Our leather folio box is wrapped in a beautiful, faux leather exterior with a soft, matching felt interior. It can hold up to 20 matted prints, and an optional USB drive at the bottom for those who include digital images.

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Along with all of our other boxes. The top of the box is fitted with a clear acrylic window so you can display your favorite image at the top. The box hinges are weighed as to allow the lid to stay open or closed on its own. Designed with every detail in mind, it will be an heirloom for years to come.

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With transparent glass on all six sides, our heirloom glass folio box is one of the most beautiful ways to deliver your photos. The folio box is carefully crafted and soldered together with your choice of gold or rose gold brass copper. A sliding latch on the front of the box keeps the lid securely closed.

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For use in conjunction with our Folio Boxes, these 8×10 Archival Mats are designed to hold 5×7 prints. These mats are Acid and Lignin free.